1. What is this website about?
As the name suggests, this is a website for cataloging all Indian television commercials. However, we are not restricting ourselves to video format only. Our goal is to encompass all Indian advertising.

2. What value are you adding with this effort?
Even though we used the word effort, this does not seem like work at all. By providing all the interesting and also the technical details of a certain commercial, our goal is to educate our visitors about those commercials and also stir those nostalgic emotions, if those clips happens to be retromercials.

3. What is the commercial value you are trying to achieve?
We would like to be the go-to guys for companies who want to get a foot hold in Indian markets. Instead of paying millions of rupees for commercial production and then another huge chunk for running on national TV, we want to help them produce meaningful messages and also market the product to local markets.

4. There seem to be so many other websites who are following your format, how do plan on dealing with them?
We dont plan on dealing with anyone. For any company to be successful, a healthy mix of competition is essential. Please come back and check because we are compiling a list of websites who are emulating our model.

5. Can I be a contributor for the website?
Please, yes! We are looking for people who are passionate about advertisements and brand management. We are working on a standard minimum format to follow for making posts, but apart from that you got complete control of language (family friendly, please). Creative expression is what we to propagate.

6. Do you need technical help?
Not at this time.

Please invite your friends to this website. Word of mouth pays. Thank you :)

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This website lists all the classic commercials aired on Indian television - "palmolive da jawaab nahin", "boost is the secret of my energy" and many such. I welcome feedback, requests and words of encouragement in form of comments from my visitors. It just doesnt seem right when there are about 200 visits a day, but only handful of comments :)

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