Ad Concept Contest: October

This is the time again to announce october edition of Ad Concepts Competition. We welcome amateurs, non professionals or students with a bent in advertising to participate in this.

Here are the rules of competition:

1. This is an online contest only.
3. Contestant need design a creative new thought or concept for
promoting a product which already exists in the market or it can be fictional one also.
4. YOU CANNOT USE A COMPANY LABEL WHEN MAKING COMMERCIAL ABOUT ANY PRODUCT. For example, if you want to make an ad about Pizza, make it about Pizza, but DO NOT label with any company like Pizza Hut, Dominos etc. We will reject such clips because it will be a huge headache dealing with copyright/brand legalities.
5. The concept can be explained as text or images or video or combination of above all. All kinds of creative effort will be encouraged.
6. Top 3 concepts that gets selected will be featured separately along with author's credentials for all visitors to view
7. The winning concept will win a MP3 player that shall be mailed to participant's choice of address.

Please provide us the following details along with your submission to

Contestant Name:
Age :
Email :
Telephone :
Theme : (explain what you are trying to promote)
Concept: Text, Audio, Image or Video or combination of any as your entry.

Legal Notice:
1. You have to sign off in person that you do not work for or in an authority to represent any advertising agency.
2. You agree that the concept submitted is your original creation.
3. will have right to use the concept for an actual product promotion. The company will contact the contestant for written permission upon selection for production.

We are an advertising agency with a difference and we will give an oppurtunity to co-produce the promotion upon on manageable terms. For further details or queries, please write to

Now go get your creative juices flowing and see your own commercial played out on big TV! Happy creating.

Please invite your friends to this website. Use the email link provided with the posts. Thank you :)

Please invite your friends to this website. Word of mouth pays. Thank you :)


samurai said...

Hello folks,

We have recieved couple of very interesting entries for this month's contest so far. Please keep them coming :)


samurai said...

We are delighted with this pour of support from various ad contest submissions all over India - Vizag, Roorkie, Coimbatore etc.

Please keep them coming.

We will be announcing the winner for month of October tomorrow and will know by email.

Watch out for November contest too. Thanks.

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